Kitchen Equipment

The high level of research and development at our company allows us to enter a variety of sectors and industries with a high level of quality. Our product range will cover the hospitality sector with the Kitchen Equipment supply department. With robust durability, good organization and attractiveness, Stainless Steel kitchens are the top choice for commercial applications. Additionally, Stainless Steel provide practical solutions for hygiene making it an industry mandatory for preparing and cooking food.

Wolf specialize in the design, fabrication and installation of top quality custom-built stainless steel kitchen appliances and furniture including work tables, cabinets, sink units, hoods and other related products highlighted in this catalogue. Wolf hold a strong belief that each kitchen is unique and the design of each line must accommodate the suitability of the client as well as provide maximum efficiency. A full integrated range of Stainless Steel appliances and flush-fitting furniture from Wolf will ensure a bold, contemporary and versatile kitchen, making the most of all available space.

The hood is the first line of capture in the Kitchen Exhaust System. Hoods are located directly over the kitchen appliances that they are servicing and are designed to funnel contaminated air into the hood where it can then be transported through the exhaust system. This steel is welded seamlessly together in order to prevent harmful gases from escaping. Commercial Kitchen Hoods are installed over appliances that produce smoke and grease. Filters are constructed to capture a portion of the grease and other contaminants and are intended to trap large particulate.

American Hood

Canopy hoods

This hood is wall mounted on one side directly over the appliances and it provides maximum efficiency through lower exhaust rates (velocities).

Island Hood

The island-style hood meets the challenges of open floor plan cooking applications. These are commonly utilized where there are island cooking applications. Higher exhaust rates (velocities) are associated with this type of exhaust hood.

Curved Type Hood

Oven Hood

Slope Hood

Box Type Single Skin Hood

Box Type Double Skin Hood

Grease Traps & Floor Grating

Stainless Steel Floor Grating width 24

Stainless Steel Floor Grating width 34

Grease Trap