With years of research and experience in the industry, WOLF Stainless Steel combines modern machinery and technology with fabrication excellence. With headquarters in Doha, Qatar, WOLF Stainless Steel will become a pioneer in the region and continue to grow to reach global recognition and foothold.


    Wolf Stainless Steel manufactures and supplies Stainless Steel items across the State of Qatar. With a production capacity to match global demand; Wolf Stainless Steel is well positioned to become a key market leader in the manufacturing and supply of Stainless Steel fabrications.  

    Wolf’s high capacity production line enables the plant to live up to high consumption demand using high level of machinery and facilities. With a very experienced team of engineers and fabrication employees, our brand is well known for our in-house stainless steel and cold room designing and production facilities.

    Why Choose Wolf Stainless?

    Competitive pricing​

    Advanced machinery technology ​

    Expertise Engineering Team

    WOLF Stainless Steel is a Qatar based stainless steel factory spanning 7,000 sqm of work space. The factory is composed of some of the industry’s most advanced machinery enabling efficient production to combine with high levels of health and safety. With a team of highly skilled engineers and workforce, WOLF Stainless Steel ensures that each division is equipped with expertise and proficiency enabling us to reach our vision of becoming a globally recognised distributor of our products from our headquarters in Qatar.

    WOLF Stainless Steel will offer all clients an experience and manufacturing facilities far in excess of a general fabrication company, having largely invested in the purchasing of the latest machinery, equipment and other services some of which are unique to the company, including specialized software designed to reduce wastage and cut customer costs.

    WOLF Stainless welcome enquires of all manner of stainless steel products, in either ANSI 304, ANSI 316 or duplex grades, with welding undertaken by qualified welders, together with in house bead, grit or various polished finishes to fulfil your needs. Although we specialise in stainless steel, we are by no means limited to this material and welcome the opportunity to tender for alloy and aluminium fabrications, manufacturing bespoke or complete turnkey projects to match our clients’ requirements.

    Quality Policy

    At WOLF Stainless Steel, we ensure that every product is designed and manufactured as per the highest standards and quality by a very experienced workforce. Our strategic planning is critical to business success; it involves vision, mission and outside-of-the-box thinking. WOLF Stainless Steel is highly committed and ensures that management systems are in place to meet our values and procedures. WOLF Stainless Steel is a proud holder of ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management Systems), ISO 18001:2007 (Occupational health & Safety Management Systems and ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management Systems) certificates.