About Us

WOLF Stainless Steel is a Qatar based stainless steel factory spanning 7,000 sqm of work space. The factory is composed of some of the industry’s most advanced machinery enabling efficient production to combine with high levels of health and safety. With a team of highly skilled engineers and workforce, WOLF Stainless Steel ensures that each division is equipped with expertise and proficiency enabling us to reach our vision of becoming a globally recognised distributor of our products from our headquarters in Qatar.

Wolf Stainless Steel endeavours to always meet customer demands by providing the relevant solution to each client as we understand all clients are unique. Our client base will include but not be limited to Government institutions and facilities, bespoke and well established global brand hotels, luxury restaurants and cafes, medical corporations, sports stadiums, private mansions and villas, schools and contracting companies.
Our workforce spans over 50 employees from various backgrounds offering a diverse multinational employee base who are the core of our business.

WOLF Stainless Steel will offer all clients an experience and manufacturing facilities far in excess of a general fabrication company, having largely invested in the purchasing of the latest machinery, equipment and other services some of which are unique to the company, including specialized software designed to reduce wastage and cut customer costs.

WOLF Stainless welcome enquires of all manner of stainless steel products, in either ANSI 304, ANSI 316 or duplex grades, with welding undertaken by qualified welders, together with in house bead, grit or various polished finishes to fulfil your needs. Although we specialise in stainless steel, we are by no means limited to this material and welcome the opportunity to tender for alloy and aluminium fabrications, manufacturing bespoke or complete turnkey projects to match our clients’ requirements.

Our Vision

WOLF Stainless Steel aims to become a global pioneer and distributor of fabricated Stainless Steel items. WOLF Factory stands for innovative, high-quality world class products. Our most valuable tool at WOLF Stainless Steel are our employees. Through the experience and commitment of our employees, WOLF Stainless Steel will strive towards becoming a leading international business in the field of Stainless Steel Fabrication and Supply. Exclusively the employee is relevant for the successful development of WOLF Stainless Steel.

Respect and fair cooperation among employees are significant characteristics of our corporate culture. In our fundamental conviction, non-discrimination, equal opportunities and tolerance are the basis of good cooperation and success. The commitment to a continuous progress in our activities ensures an ongoing and long-term success for our customers and partners.

WOLF Stainless Steel also take responsibility towards the environment and the society very seriously. Efficient system solutions with a long-term operational safety assure that the world’s resources are treated carefully and that health and quality of life are protected. For WOLF Stainless Steel, the fundamental and crucial characteristics of all collaboration with our customers are reliability, competence and personal contact.

Our Mission

A high customer satisfaction is the company’s primary objective and is the standard for all our activities. WOLF Stainless Steel will aim to become an indispensable partner for all customers and stakeholders through our corporate social responsibility and company culture. Additionally, we will strictly focus on exceeding our customers’ expectations with the use of our state-of-the-art operating facilities and our company regulations.

Long-term customer retention and a high degree of customer satisfaction strengthen us in our activities and are at the same time a guarantee for our future success. The advantage over competitors is continually extended, due to leadership in technology, innovation and cost.

Through our corporate structure and culture, we aim to become a globally recognized organization from our headquarters in Qatar while being a key player in the preparation of the FIFA 2022 World Cup and Qatar’s 2030 vision.

On Behalf of Wolf Stainless Steel, it gives me immense pleasure to share with you our continuous thrive for growth, innovation underpinned by a commitment to providing our stakeholders with premium luxury as we work together on propelling Qatar forward.

With years of research and development, WOLF Stainless Steel is well positioned to become a pioneer in the industry and market through our constant desire in improving and enhancing our practices as a company. We will always continue to exercise ethical business practices, maintain respect for the individual and run our business in ways that earn us the trust of those whom we encounter.

Throughout our experiences, we have foreseen decades of innovation, creativity and technological advances. And I am proud to say, WOLF Stainless Steel plans to endure a heritage of leadership in the markets we serve and in the communities where we live and work.

The efforts of our international operations continue to focus on expanding our market share outside of Qatar and we are pleased with the acceptance we are receiving. Further, our mission is to grow our market share in the global industrial sector as we continue to grow and our global footprint continues to expand. We also have a number of promising new technologies and products in our research and development pipeline and continue to pursue market driven product production launches.

Our state of art 7,000sqm factory is equipped with the most advanced machinery ensuring optimal efficiency and quality while simultaneously ensuring our commitment to being environmentally friendly is well positioned.

As the generations who came before them, our people come to work with a pride and determination to deliver the very best for all our stakeholders. We continue to believe that our products, services and the value they add to our customers’ businesses remain the fundamental elements of our continued success. As we look forward to a brighter and more prosperous future, we are honored to contribute towards the goals of the Qatar National Vision 2030, across the four key pillars; Human, Social, Economic and Environmental Development, which lay the foundation of growth, and positions Qatar as a global leader while offering the best life to its people. We will constantly aim to accomplish our mission, this year and in the years to come, and remain loyal to our values which truly reflect the authentic heritage of our company and the future vision of Qatar.

Business Model

At WOLF Stainless Steel, we understand that the organization and structure of a company is key to customer satisfaction and company growth. Our organization structure allows to put great emphasis into our different divisions that come under one umbrella and work towards the same goal and purpose.

WOLF Stainless Steel have an operational division which works tirelessly to ensure all areas of the business run smoothly. Our operations team works very closely with our global suppliers and partners to maintain long-term relationships.