With years of research and experience in the industry, WOLF Stainless Steel combines modern machinery and technology with fabrication excellence. With headquarters in Doha, Qatar, WOLF Stainless Steel will become a pioneer in the region and continue to grow to reach global recognition and foothold.


    Wolf Stainless Steel manufactures and supplies Stainless Steel items across the State of Qatar. With a production capacity to match global demand; Wolf Stainless Steel is well positioned to become a key market leader in the manufacturing and supply of Stainless Steel fabrications.  

    Wolf’s high capacity production line enables the plant to live up to high consumption demand using high level of machinery and facilities. With a very experienced team of engineers and fabrication employees, our brand is well known for our in-house stainless steel and cold room designing and production facilities.

    Why Choose Wolf Stainless?

    Competitive pricing​

    Advanced machinery technology ​

    Expertise Engineering

    About WOLF Stainless Steel

    Wolf Stainless Steel is a Qatar based Stainless Steel and Metal fabrication factory serving a variety of sectors within the Qatar and GCC region. Our state-of-the-art factory is equipped with advanced machinery ensuring optimal efficiency and quality with a simultaneous focus on our commitment to our environmental commitment and safety policies. At Wolf, we have developed a corporate social responsibility in giving back to the communities of those who serve us and have helped become the force we are today.
    With stainless steel at the forefront of what we do, we are proud market leaders in the fabrication and supply of kitchen equipment across Qatar, KSA and Oman along expansion into the African market. This has additionally enabled us to introduce our refrigeration line to accommodate the demand for quick turnout commercial refrigeration supply in the region. Further, our expertise in stainless steel has placed us sufficiently in the fabrication and installation of stainless-steel handrails. Our advanced machinery and team of expertise has additionally allowed Wolf to diversify into the metal fabrication field of galvanized ducting, steel construction and metal interior fit-out.

    Our Vision

    WOLF Stainless Steel aims to become a global pioneer and distributor of fabricated metal and steel products.

    Our Mission

    A high customer satisfaction is the company’s primary objective and is the standard for all our activities. Wolf will aim to become a dispensable partner for all customers and stakeholders through our corporate social responsibility and company culture. Additionally, we will strictly focus on exceeding our customers’ expectations with the use of our state-of-the-art operating facilities and our company regulations. Long-term customer retention and a high degree of customer satisfaction strengthen us in our activities and are the same time a guarantee for our future success. The advantage over competitors is continually extended, due to leadership in technology, innovation and cost. Through our corporate structure and culture, we aim to become a globally recognized organization from our headquarters in Qatar while being a key player in the preparation of the FIFA 2022 World cup and Qatar’s 2030 vision.